May 03, 2006 PRISMIQ Information PRISMIQ Information: "Using VideoLan Enable the remote media agent -Connect to the media agent by telneting to port 2253 -Setup the MP to listen for the multicast: open_dev set mcast_port 5000 <-- your port of choice set mcast_group <-- your multicast address of choice set video_layer 1 play -Install VLC from and fire it up -Put your DVD in the drive -Select File->Open Disc... -Select 'DVD' (not 'DVD menu support') -Select your drive, title, and chapter -Check 'Stream output' -Select 'Settings...' next to 'Stream output' -Check 'UDP' and set the IP and port (e.g. 5000) -Check 'MPEG TS' -Check 'Video codec' and select 'mpgv' and bitrate (e.g. 3000 kb/s) -Check 'Audio codec' and select 'mpga' and bitrate (e.g. 192 kb/s) -Click 'OK' and 'OK' to finish -Enjoy your video"

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