October 21, 2005

DB2 +WAS + Linux on VMware Workstation

DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) is the most scalable and powerful database in production today. DB2, VMware, and Novell SUSE have joined forces to bring you the experience of the data center right to your PC. With the DB2 for Linux images for VMware Workstation - you can quickly and easily deploy your own pre-configured DB2 database. http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/db2/linux/vmware/

October 20, 2005

Gore on democracy

I came here today because I believe that American democracy is in grave danger. It is no longer possible to ignore the strangeness of our public discourse . I know that I am not the only one who feels that something has gone basically and badly wrong in the way America’s fabled “marketplace of ideas” now functions. http://waterthread.org/?page_id=192

October 17, 2005

Space Elevator Interview

In my mind the Space Shuttle and Space Station are not valuable efforts. It’s not what NASA should be doing. NASA is using technology from commercial enterprises, or very old technology from the 70’s to try and do space exploration. If they are going to be a real premier space agency, they need to be pushing it. They should be doing stuff which looks to us like science fiction… link

October 12, 2005

3D graphics for Java mobile devices, Part 1: M3G's immediate mode


October 10, 2005