October 27, 2006


Really cool AJAX library for building rich clients.

October 24, 2006

Beer Belly


Removing the straw that broke the camel's back does not necessarily allow the camel to walk again.

October 23, 2006

Battle of the New Atheism

"Most of these people call themselves agnostic, but they don't harbor much suspicion that God is real. They tell me they reject atheism not out of piety but out of politeness. As one said, "Atheism is like telling somebody, 'The very thing you hinge your life on, I totally dismiss.'" This is the type of statement she would never want to make. This is the statement the New Atheists believe must be made -- loudly, clearly and before it's too late. I continue to invite my friends for a nice, invigorating stroll down Logic Lane. For the most part, they just laugh and wave me on."
From Wired

October 16, 2006

GPU-based Sorting in PostgreSQL

Implementing sorting in GPU hardware for Postgres and Fast Computation of Database Operations using Graphics Processors

The Vegetable-Industrial Complex

If bagged salad greens are vulnerable to bacterial contamination on such a scale, industry and government would very soon come looking for a technological fix; any day now, calls to irradiate the entire food supply will be on a great many official lips. From The New York Times

Computers, The Electric Brains

Note the middle finger!

October 13, 2006

The flying spaghetti monster

Richard Dawkins interview @ Salon
Now, suppose science does have limits. What is the value in giving the label "religion" to those limits? If you simply want to define religion as the bits outside of what science can explain, then we're not really arguing.

October 04, 2006